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Each lender has a unique credit culture, also referred to as their credit box. It can be particularly frustrating to go through a loan application process to have your project not fit into the “credit box” of the loan agency near you. Attractive borrowers that fit this cookie-cutter approach can easily access financing from many sources. However, some loans are more difficult to obtain and borrowers require individualized attention. In this case, shopping a loan around may cause a lender or start-up loans company to lose interest in you. Intuitively, most borrowers work with one lender at a time. Here is where we come in. Since we know our lenders and their programs very well, we are better positioned to match your request with the best funding source, thus speeding up turnaround times and increasing loan approval rates. Whether you need a start-up loan for a new company, a hotel construction loan, or some other business loan, we can take care of your unique financial situation.


Best of all, this is completely free to you. We get paid a small commission by the lender. Many lenders pay referral fees because it’s more cost-effective to them than employing more business development officers.


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Why Work With Us

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