Join the Team

There are several opportunities to get involved with Heritage Finance.

Join our Advisory Board

Advisory board members guide our company strategy. From time to time, banks approach Heritage with consulting requests for SBA lending operations, fintech and data analytics among others. Our Advisory Board Members are referred to these paid opportunities and may also be available to board membership opportunities.

Join our Loan Advisory Circle

Heritage generates hundreds of loan leads every week. Borrowers schedule a 15-minute conversation with one of our loan advisors. The role of the loan advisor is to determine whether the potential borrower is a viable loan candidate. If they are, our loan advisor proceeds in directing our borrower to the most appropriate loan product to initiate a loan application. Loan advisors are compensated $25 per loan application with an additional $200 per funded loan.

Become a Branch Manager or a Referral Partner

The ultimate entrepreneurial opportunity for business lenders to run their own lending operations. We designed the Branch Manager opportunity as an alternative to the Lendio Franchise business model but without the franchise fee. Branch Managers are carefully selected based on character references and credit experience among others. Branch Managers get access to all our lending partners, get listed in our company directory and get borrower leads from Heritage. Heritage provides access to all our lending partners, product training and marketing know-how support. Partners may develop their own website and marketing efforts under Heritage’s guidance or they are welcomed to use Heritage’s internal advertising agency.

Lending Partners

Heritage can assist your financial institution in two ways:

  • Promote your loan product through our network.
  • Consult banks in government guaranteed lending operations, credit product development, marketing strategy and analytics.
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